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Maclaren M6 GTR

Sam H's Blue Maclaren M6 GTR Replica (by UVA)


Rose and Robin's Marlin

Marlin Cabrio MK2 LWB, started December 2001 and completed February 2004
Build time of about 600 hours and build costs of around 17,000 **
Based on Ford Granada Scorpio with Cosworth 2.9lt engine
Lost interest in this car very quickly once completed due to unpleasant experiences with manufacturer (no longer offering this kit for sale)

May be for sale if a decent offer is made

Brian's Merlin

My kit was supplied by Paris Cars for 3,500 in February 1991. I started the build that month with the help from my family.

In September, 1992, after 450 hours, (My Time) the car was M.O.T'd. and registered for the road. Cost at this point 8,000 (and still spending).

The car is based on a Ford Cortina Mk 4/5; all parts being cleaned, refurbished and painted before fitting.

The power comes from a 2000cc Pinto engine re-built and fitted with a rally cam and 40mm twin choke carburettor mounted on a split plenum, delivering 135b.h.p. at the rear wheels giving a top speed of 95m.p.h. (rolling road).

To stop, the car is fitted with 9inch 16-groove discs on the front, 9inch drums on the rear, with assistance from a remote servo unit.

Mev Exocet

Ted Q's Mev Exocet

MK Indy

Dave A's MK Indy

it has taken Dave and Craig nearly 22 months to rebuild.

We original bought the car off Ebay in 2010 as what we thought was a complete car just needing a few final tweaks before we went to have it IVA'd...How wrong were we, the car was a complete disaster, (the previous builders main tool were a hammer, chisel and brute force) There was only one thing for it strip it down to the bones and start again.

Engine 2ltr Pinto with a stage one head.

Twin 45 Weber carburettors

Type nine gearbox

Moss Malvern

Powered by a Ford 1600cc X Flow

Moss Roadster

MVO Roadster

Home made special powered by 3.8 Ltr Jaguar

Now Painted a dark blue with a newly installed custom made exhaust from ZERO exhausts

Nikri Spider

Dave S Nikri Spider

One of the 1950s kit cars. Based on a 1947 Fordson 5cwt van, it uses the chassis and running gear of this vehicle fitted with the fibreglass body made by Nickri Laminates from Romford in Essex. Built by Cedric Danniels from Chilham in about 1960 but never finished. Work to complete it and get it on the road is ongoing.

Chassis: Fordson model E04C (Van) with boxed in side members (for strength and rigidity)

Engine: 933cc (8 horsepower) 4 cylinder side valve with some minor period tuning bits.

Gearbox: 3 speed + reverse

Brakes: Cable operated drums.

Ryan J's Nova

Nova MK4, on 1973 beetle chassis. 1600cc air cooled flat 4, running twin dual Weber 40 IDF carbs

P.A.C Tourer

Citroen 602cc Supercharged Home made special and caravan

Pembleton Super Sport

Ian C's Pembleton Super Sport

Pilgrim Bulldog
Pilgrim Family Tourer

Pilgrim Sumo Cobra

Powered by Rover 3.5Ltr V8

Pilgrim Sumo

AC Cobra Replica Powered by Rover 3.5Ltr V8