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Ron C's Jago Jeep

Jago Jeep originally built in 1984 on mainly MK1 1300 Escort parts.
Later fitted with a 1600 Capri engine but was then taken off road in 1994.
The Jago was purchased in 2013 as a "Barn find" then underwent a fully documented and photographed restoration, finally passing itís MOT in 2014 and attending the National Kit Car show at Stoneleigh.
I purchase the Jago in July 2015 as a driveable project.


Keith's JBA


Mickey D's JBA

I built the JBA in 1990/91 and when an active member showed the car for several seasons marking up many concourse places and trophies. I'm sure original members will recognize the car from club meetings and shows from that time. I am Michael Davies and have been a member of the club for several years. I was a vary active member but alas the car has only seen the light of day to the point of 1.2 miles a year to and from the M.O.T station for at least the last five to six years.


J.N.S Mk1 (Lizzie) and Mk2 four wheeler

home made specials powered by renault 5 1200cc and 1400cc Gordine respectively

Lamborghini Contach Replica

Powered by Rover 3.5Ltr V8

Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Powered by Rover 3.5Ltr V8

Lamborghini Diablo Roadster

Sam H's Orange Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Replica, (by DC Supercars)

Lamborghini Diablo Roadster

Paul C's, white Lamborghini Diablo Roadster (by DC Supercars)

Lamborghini Diablo GT

Bill G's Orange Lamborghini Diablo GT replica


Ted Q's Locost

Locost 7
Locost GTS Panther

Powered by Modified CVH


Lomax 223

Bob's Lomax 223

I bought it in April 2008, following a serious illness, which made me realise I was not immortal, and that if I did not do anything about my hankering for one of these, I never would! I started looking around for a donor car, but by now 2CVs were rather old, and either fit only for the scrapyard, or immaculate, expensive, and would be criminal to break up for it's parts. Then I saw this one on Ebay, bid for it, and got it. It was absolutely faultless when I got it, and the drive home from Blackpool to Sittingbourne had me smiling the whole way. I was amazed how quickly 600cc could propel it with the needle off the clock most of the way, and it returned around 65 MPG to boot. On looking at the folder of paperwork that came with it, I saw that there was only 8 miles between the 2 previous MOTs. I suspect this was the distance to and from the test centre. I had just done 300 miles in the first day of ownership. It still looks pretty good, but I bought it to use and enjoy, not just to look at it in my garage.

Lomax 232

602cc Rebodied Citroen 2CV