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Eagle P25

Richard L's Eagle P25

Excalibur Coupe

Adrian's Excalibur

This car is loosely based on a GT40, the kit was originally made by Fibrefab in Germany in the 70's and was meant to have a VW engine in the rear. ACM imported the kit from 1981 and then manufactured it over here, it did not sell well, it then moved to Seraph Cars who created the backbone steel tube chassis for Ford mechanics and Ford engines positioned in the front, it then moved on to Clive Clark's Excalibur Cars but never achieved it's full potential, I believe there are only about 6 in existence.

The donor was a 1976 Ford Cortina with the registration OOY 560R, the car was stripped and rebuilt in 2002 by a person in Rainham. I bought it from Evesham where it had further 20,000 of work done including the paint job and a personalised number, also adding a tuned 2.1 litre Pinto producing 176 bhp which is placed low and well back making it nearly mid-engined so even though it is heavy for a kit it still corners like it is on rails.

Ferrari 360

Costa's Red 360 Ferrari replica (by DNA)

Fisher Fury

Dean L's yellow Fisher Fury Spyder

Fisher Fury

Powered by Ford 2Ltr Zetec

Fisher Fury

Colin G's Fisher Fury SVA 2003 with Twin Dellorto 40's, has now had an engine and gearbox transplant. It now runs a Fiat 2lt twin cam from a Strada Abarth and 131 gearbox

GBS Zero

Andy Gs GBS Zero

Here is my GBS Zero which took me 10 months to complete, finishing in July 2011.It features a 2.0l Zetec with a rotrex supercharger, Jenvey inlet plenum, throttle body and an Omex 600 ECU , which gives about 270bhp (approx 450bhp per ton)

I have also fitted an uprated type 9 gearbox and a Titan LSD which were both built by BGH geartech.

Although the car is very powerful I have found it easy to drive and quite forgiving when pushing on. The only downside is fuel consumption, the tank is quite small and I'm therefore visiting petrol stations a lot.

G.C.S Hawk

Powered by Rover 3.5 V8


Powered by a Ford Pinto

Griffon Roadster

Powered by a Ford 2Ltr Pinto

Grinnall Scorpion

Powered by BMW

Hawk Cobra 289FIA

Cookies Cobra 289FIA

Hawk Ace

AC Ace Replica Powered by 2.5Ltr Triumph 6

Haynes Roadster

Ben C's Haynes Roadster - bodywork by Equinox Fibreglass Products, engine is a 2.0L Vauxhall turbo engine. 273bhp and 309ft/lb


Dave S Husky

This is a proper kit car! Designed by John Cowperthwait these were sold as a set of plans to build the chassis and cut the bodywork from sheets of ply or MDF. This one was built in 1989/90 by a Fred Montague from Dartford. and the bodywork is cut from 20mm and 25mm exterior grade MDF. The mechanical parts come from the remains of a Ford Escort Mk2. Marketed by various people over the Years. White Rose and RTF Developments being two of them. Its quite heavy for a kit car at just under 1,000 kilos but copes well with caravans and trailers.

Chassis: Steel box ladder frame taking the running gear from Ford Escort.

Engine: Ford 1600cc 'Pinto' (not the normal Escort engine but that fitted to the Cortina)

Gearbox: 4 speed + reverse

Brakes: Ford Escort dual circuit Disc/drum