Our Cars A to D

The Car
Autotune Gemini

Dave O's BRA MG3

- the first of the Moto Guzzi engined cars completed.

Burton Tourer

Powered by Citroen 2CV 602cc with rebodied chassis

Caterham 7

Well here mine is, just three days old (see how shiny it is!) at the Seven Owners International meet in 1990. It's essentially completely standard as supplied by Caterham in kit form. The engine is a Kent 1700 cc crossflow unit with twin webers and it has the De Dion suspension. It will never look that clean again but has given me 35,000 miles of great driving fun. As a kit it must be one of the easiest to build - Caterham have had a lot of practice at supplying them. I know this doesn't suit everybody - some just like to struggle! Me, I was happy to put this together in a leisurely three months and then get on with learning how to drive it. There are one or two other Caterhams in the club including a 2.0 litre Vauxhall engined example. Here we are parked in Gravelines during last years French treasure hunt - a very enjoyable cruise around northern France with just enough to do to stop the boardom whilst leaving enough time for suitable coffee and snack stops.


Keith's Challenger

I bought the Challenger in 2005 . It had been stored in a barn for 8 years , when the owner went to work abroad . Rebuilt during 2006 . Rebuilt with a 5 speed Gearbox , 4.2 Jaguar Engine , Powerlock differential , New Calipers , Brake lines , Shock Absorbers , Springs , Fuel Tank , Fuel Pump , plus lots I've forgotten .
Re - built interior over the winter of 2006 with an E -Type dash . I've got triple carbs from a Mk10 which I've yet to fit .


Martin sends us the following information and a picture of his car:

My charger is nearing the end of its restoration. The mot is booked for 7th July, after having it refused at the first test station because it would not go on their hoist! It has taken two and a half years of work to get it this far.

Based on 1967 vw beetle 1500, I have kept it stock mechanically for ease of maintenance and repair, and fingers crossed, should be out and about in time for the summer. It is a rare car nowadays

Dax Rush

Dax Tojeiro Cobra

AC Cobra 327 Replica Powered by 5.7 Chevy

Dax Tojeiro Cobra

AC Cobra 327 Replica Powered by 5.7 Chevy

Dutton Melos

Andy, one of our most recent members, has sent us some pictures of his Dutton Melos

Dutton Melos
Dutton Phaeton

Darren has sent us some updated pictures of his Dutton Phaeton S1, after a wash and new wheels!

Dutton Phaeton

a couple of pictures from Colin

Dutton Sierra